To verify that Electroshield caused a change in stress status and organ function.

A urine analysis was undertaken on a diverse range of persons numbering 10. All persons have a different stress status and different life styles. This study was undertaken over a 43-day period enabling us to see what effects the Electroshield has on a person’s overall stress. Urine tests accurately map a person’s organ function in percentile, enabling us to see if any change, positive or negative, has taken place.

Tests were carried out before the Electroshield was installed to get some idea of each individuals stress status. We would compare results later to see if there were any changes. Also urine was taken for testing on the 3rd day following installation and then 13th and 43rd days respectively. Three persons were retired or semi-invalid so spent a longer period in the presence of the Electroshield. All other persons spent less time exposed to an Electroshield. No persons were currently undergoing any therapy at the time of testing nor were any on medications or drugs that would adversely affect testing results.

Results of the Urine testing clearly show that all persons undergoing the testing showed an increase in organ function, this shows a clear reduction in stress.

  • Case 1 Female 44 Non-smoker, average fitness, minor health complaints. 10% increase, less stress.
  • Case 2 Female 42 Non-smoker, average fitness, very tired. 7% increase, more energy.
  • Case 3 Male 9 ADD child, moody, digestion problems. 16% increase, a lot less moody, less stress.
  • Case 4 Female 29 Non-smoker, overweight, works in smoky environment. 10% increase, less stress.
  • Case 5 Female 16 Smoker, drinker, late nights, poor digestion. 2% increase despite unhealthy lifestyle, more energy.
  • Case 6 Male 47 Non-smoker, poor digestion, on pain killers. 16% increase, immense improvement in stress levels despite condition.
  • Case 7 Female 40 Non-smoker, asthma, low energy 27% increase, more energy, liver and circulation improved.
  • Case 8 Female 70 Non-smoker, arthritic, liver and gall bladder conditions. 14% increase, improved stress levels and more energy.
  • Case 9 Female 53 Non-smoker, average fitness, not active. 24% increase, significant decrease in stress.
  • Case 10 Male 66 Smoker, poor digestion, relatively fit. 38% increase, showed the most decrease in stress with the biggest improvement in digestion.

In reference to the first graph you can clearly see the difference in test subjects both before and after. There is an obvious clear increase in organ function.

In reference to the second graph there is a dot plot graph showing the clear difference, in before and after testing.

In reference to the first graph you can clearly see the difference in test subjects both before and after. There is an obvious clear increase in organ function. These results suggest not only does the Electroshield protect the body from dangerous EMF radiation; it clearly improves the users stress levels and organ function. If the Electroshield only helped with radiation, we would expect to see no real change in the stress status of each individual.

The fact that there was a change suggests that less stress was experienced by each individual undergoing the test.

(Testing carried out by W McKenzie FMHI, Registered Natural Health Therapist.)