Cube Production at the factory post Covid 19. Strict hygiene procedures in place for returning workers.

Production of the Premium Ultra started… the first items roll off the production line.

Ricky giving the Premium Ultra a strength test regarding 2 different glues. Ultimately we selected the better looking solution and used silicone glue, both however proved equally as strong.

New Chrome Premium Portable

Instructions for first alloy portable…still applies to all the portable models.

First Video on the first alloy portable mass produced out of China.

First Intro now out of date….features Disc and older portable, plugin, cube and ultra models

First run of a watch like Disc…had some teething problems however was proving to be more desirable for this type of product as time went on. Stay tuned for a new more improved version that can be worn in several different ways.

First run of ABS plastic case model…now features a larger battery with longer lasting in between charges.

New case for 2021 Cube…the Ultimate Series to come…launch date still unknown.